12 May 2022

Breast cancer: CME event

Breast cancer: CME event

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Villa Maria presents the CME course “Breast Cancer: Diagnosis and Therapy”. This free event valid for 4 CME credits, will take place on Saturday, 21 May 2022, at 9:00 a.m.

Dr. Piercarlo Gentile, Medical Director of UPMC Hillman Cancer Center San Pietro FBF (Rome) and Director of Radiation Therapy at San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome, is the scientific director of the event. The event is addressed to:

  • Physicians (Oncology, Radiation Therapy, General Medicine)
  • Biologists
  • Physicists (Medical Physics)
  • Radiation therapists

Breast cancer: multidisciplinary approach and synergy among specialists

Breast cancer, the most common cancer in women, is a heterogeneous disease with very diverse characteristics, and can therefore have a different clinical course, response to treatment, and therapeutic algorithm of choice on a case-to-case basis. In recent years, the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to breast cancer has changed considerably thanks to the new knowledge on the biological-molecular mechanisms underlying the tumor transformation and growth, also responsible for the heterogeneity of the clinical course and the prognostic variability observed in this disease. Therapeutic pathways for breast cancer patients today have changed a lot compared to the past, and a multidisciplinary approach involving radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, and radiation therapists is essential.

This event will be an opportunity to discuss diagnostic-therapeutic innovations in the treatment of breast cancer, not only to improve our knowledge, but also to involve professionals dealing with cancer patients on a daily basis, namely general medicine doctors and community healthcare.

Course objectives

The goal of the course is to expand opportunities for meetings and discussions between different specialists. During the event, the specialists will address various topics:

  • importance of prevention: an  early diagnosis can increase the chances of success
  • surgical treatment
  • new frontiers of cancer therapy
  • advanced radiation therapy
  • key role of nutrition and healthy lifestyle in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer

In addition, radiation therapists of UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Villa Maria will conduct a hands-on demonstration, from simulation to radiation treatment.